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Pastors Daniel & Christine Oyoko

At the end of the month of September 2018 I sent Ambassador Joel Chuks-Nwokike over to Homa Bay, Kenya, on my behalf to, as we were looking to buy land, and there are five acres available to build on now. Needless to say, the project is going to cost substantially, but will be able to help over 200 children by having wells dug, full kitchens installed and beds provided. The plan is to just really be able to take care of business by supplying the needs and improving the lives of the people.


When God connects you with the right people at the right time everything flows. I'm so excited that in mid-March of 2019 I will be in Homa Bay, with pastors Daniel and Christine Oyoko, and we will have an incredible time. I know from Pastor Joel Chuks-Nwokike, and the reports that came in from there, that he had an incredible outpouring with miracles, and signs. With many setbacks to even get there, including a few days in an airport, he was able to be there for what I called the hit-and-run, and then had to get back on a plane and heading back to the other areas of Kenya that he was preaching and building on.


It is such a beautiful thing to have an incredible man of God being able to go and clear the way. The year 2019 is right around the corner, and it will be a year that we recover and take all!!! I believe it is for every tribe and every nation to know the love of Jesus Christ. It will encourage you and give you vision, and I'm asking for the help as I need to have Partners or people that are financially just earmarked for Africa so that I can do the work that the Lord is calling. We have the blueprints drawn up, and $30,000.00 is needed now, as we have the land now, but need to raise the finances to build. Please pray and consider becoming a Partner so that we may help others.


I can tell you that the purpose for Kenya was given to me one year to the day of going into Lahore Pakistan. There, in one year, we built two wells, put in a school and the most incredible playground, in a 10-mile garbage dump. No one wanted them, or to help the people, but God sure did. My whole years of 2017 and 2018 I have been able to do the continuing work there which has been accomplished, but now the new work is for the Homa Bay area. The plan is for the children’s education, and definitely to build churches in the large territory. I know that when we go in May of 2019, I will take a small team in to stir the winds and fire; to build up, train, and release more churches. I believe by 2021 the school will be built and I will have sent so many pastors to go and oversee the villages, because that's what's made it what it is right now.


If you can imagine if one Church can take on and support a village, it is possible for the vision to manifest. Wait for it….it's coming, and I pray that you'll be a part of it.

30 people were saved in the village at the outreach in Medida December 2016