The Sound of the Groaning

Recently as I was praying, I saw a vision of a beautiful diamond encrusted key...this key was being held by an angel who was standing between Heaven and Earth. Then I saw an arched doorway of ancient stone. The door itself was made of cedar wood and the latches were of iron.

I looked to see if this angelic presence was ascending or descending, but the angel did not go either way. As I waited, I began to notice there were more angelic beings accompanying. Each one was suspended in the atmosphere between Heaven and Earth. They too had keys which were made of different jewels and metals.

I began to feel a movement beneath my own feet. I then heard a groan coming from the earth. "Was this an earthquake or pending disaster," I thought? Then I heard the groan again. I felt...

"I AM is with you. Run your race," says the LORD!

Already in 2018, we are seeing prophecy explode across the globe. We are seeing and hearing prophecy fulfilled at an accelerated rate. Yes, we are in acceleration and we have only just begun the year! While acceleration is breaking out in places, there are some places where rest is being released to give another opportunity to prepare for acceleration later in the year within certain places. I heard three words recently while talking to Jesus: Transformation, Discernment and Occupy. To clarify these three, let us look at their meanings.

1. Transformation

Transformation means, a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance. Synonyms: change, alteration, mutation; conversion. While we do know that God looks on the heart, it is many who look...

"Pray for Miracles This Season"

For weeks, I've been prompted to pray for a miracle this holiday season. I fought against it, due to the fact that the miracle is Christ and most often when I hear a word about miracles I usually go, "Oh well. Perhaps one day..." I am a Believer in miracles, YES I AM; but I'm not a fan of someone getting a great testimony then saying, "Here is the next move of GOD for everyone," with many walking away disappointed. As a result, many keep searching in hopes that a miracle will appear for them too. I'm not alone in feeling this way. I'm sure many do as well...yet I kept hearing, "Pray for miracles this season."

I said,