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November 18, 2017

The Father Showed Me Three Incredible Things: Promises Fulfilled, Tears of Joy and Joy Restored.

A Vision of the Promises

The first vision was a huge, crystal dome. It was called hope. Inside the dome was a huge, incredible array of crystal, glittering lights—like fairy-lights. The dome was filled with a wondrous, almost fairytale, glow. It was filled with WONDER. Oh beloved reading this, it was the most beautiful dome I had ever seen. There was peace, joy, wonder and new life bursting inside that dome.

I said, "Father what are the fairy-lights?" He said, "Each glowing light is a PROMISE to My precious sons and daughters that have been delayed or hijacked by the enemy. These are My promises of My goodness, My kindness, and My OVERWHELMING faithfulness in the land of the living."

"Daddy, b...

August 5, 2017

The Father literally HIT my spirit recently and told me that this is an incredibly urgent word:

"My child...beloved child...even in the profound weakness and raging battle you find yourself in this very moment, lift your ear to Mine and hear what I have to say. You have fallen in complete weariness. I watched as you sank to your knees, overcome with despair after standing in faith for so long. And as you fell to your knees, the enemy of your soul aimed straight at your most vulnerable place in your arsenal: your HEART. And it was a direct hit, My child.

"And you fell on the battlefield, oh beloved daughter of My heart. I watched you in pain and total weariness from the battle. From months upon months of the fiercest warfare you have ever experienced, you lay down on the battlefield in the mi...

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