Prophetic Word

Willie Richmond My remnant has heard the Clarion Call but now I need you to BE the Clarion call! In this hour I'm gathering those together slated for My greatness. I'm releasing greater wisdom, understanding, compassion and strategy into those who will believe and recieve! Dive DEEP into my river and breathe the impossible for oxygen! Let impossibility excite you, kick you out of complacency, encourage you, spur you, entice you, and turn you up.......EAT IMPOSSIBILITY FOR BREAKFAST!!! Let no man limit place a limit on you...for I have taken the limits OFF. I have poured an immeasurable among of gold into you and you have been faithful to mine it, you have held the anchor thru the storms and

Pastor Zach Perkins

I hear the Lord saying that "now what is needed is more people to stand in the gap for America. From the White House to the House of Representatives and on down. The continued desecration of God's vessel of marriage by America has called forth His Divine judgment. The Word says God is not mocked but America does not fully accept that truth. America has decided to do what they want to do. America will suffer the consequences. The remnant will be saved and will prosper. God must do what He has to do. And in the process of such, more people will be needed to pray and intercede on behalf of apostate America. The people's hearts will melt under Almighty God's judgment. They will look for other go

A Great Awakening

A Great AWAKENING Interpretation of dream received....Ps Ross Smith As a reference point for this, I saw the Pacific rim, the ring of fire as it’s known. I was looking at all of the nations there but could see none of them clearly. All appeared as dark clouds, blobs of darkness with no apparent light. All nations Were like that...... But God! Ok here we go... A great AWAKENING is coming. Not a revival, but a JESUS MOVEMENT as never seen before. Revivals always seem to centre around a man and are never maintained. This AWAKENING will not be small, timid, weak, half-hearted or partial in any way shape or form. This will be full on , with ‘all the bells and whistles’. Every dimension of Christ

Caprice Fiess Prophetic word-

7/5/2015 Caprice Fiess Prophetic word- The time is now. There is a new wind coming. It is going to blow over our churches, and cities. I just keep picturing this whirl wind and it's just swirling like crazy in so many different directions. And it doesn't look normal. I asked the lord what this meant and he said it's a new wind of who I am. It's coming and it's going to look like nothing I have ever done before. I really felt strong that this new wind is going to look completely different then what the church has already operated in. It's a new level and a new fire of who he is. He is telling us to get ready because he's about to blow this place. Acts 2 When the day of Pentecost came, they we

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