Rosh Hashanah: The year of the Sickle to the Harvest

October 2nd, 2016 at sundown begins the year 5777 according to the Jewish calendar, and every year I take time to hear what the Lord is saying for this coming New Year. On September 1, 2016 I went up on to my roof to pray. As I began climbing the ladder, I sensed a cloud surrounding me, and I knew God was highlighting something significant about my ascent up that ladder. I felt like He was telling me that this was a pivotal point, and that every step represents leaving the past behind, and that it is time to go higher. I said, "Lord, do you mean a new level?", and I heard Him say, "NO; it's time for a new dimension of my Holy Spirit. Your faith has now overflowed into Favor. I will give you

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