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School Children -  Lahore, Pakistan - 5/30/2024

On May 1st 2024 our children out of the slums/ garbage dumps of Lahore Pakistan were given brand new clothes / uniforms, shoes, backpacks, name tags and everything that they need to have an education. Because of your generosity and your caring, of prayers and finances, we were able to rent a huge School where for the first time children not only have running water and a bathroom, but they are going to school and they want to learn. I have Pastor Nazar, a few other teachers and an armed gunman to take the children every day up and back to school for their safety so that they are not taken, which is a normal thing that happens there sadly. I believe God is going to use this so incredibly to enlarge territory, as I was told after being checked out, through the government, that there are three more slums in the area where children need to learn and go to school. So, just saying, family of God, here we go on a great adventure!

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