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April 8, 2023


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MAY 30, 2024








A year ago I was in Pakistan and had an amazing time. I was with Bishop Yaqub Paul who took me to a place that was in desperate need for Help. As we drove into the area I saw torn tents, garbage and people everywhere. As I entered into the slums, immediately the Father spoke that I needed to put a well here. As I began to meet the most beautiful people, I looked around and saw such hopelessness. There were people and animals drinking and bathing in the swamp, which is not fit for any living creature. Disease and dysentery was all around me. The more steps that I took I knew that something had to be done. I said, “Lord, I will do whatever you call me to do.”, and I heard to put a second well there and start a school. The children need an education and hope. So, AGM, we did that. I saw a single swing with a girl on it, and one kite flying, with no toys, playground, or anything for them.  I heard the Father say to build a playground and a school. Well within a year there was provided two wells of life giving fresh water and a school with two teachers, along with 40 backpacks of school supplies that were provided.  Their little faces lit up when they saw the backpacks, with Barbie, Frozen and Cars toys. They don’t know the movies, but they were so excited anyway. It was like every holiday rolled up in one for them. The books are so basic, but they are written in Urdo and English. Without an education they won't make it properly in life.


As I gave my word to them, and fulfilled it, it was time to dream for more. These kids are no different than any others in the world, as they want to fly an airplane, or be a mother or a doctor and more. I never cease to believe for all children to be able to eat, be safe and have and have an education. I will say that the joy of my heart overflowed as we went to dedicate the playground.  In the middle of what we now call Tent City was the most beautiful playground I've ever built. The picture tells the story. In a backdrop of gray makeshift homes inside the center of this community is a burst of colors that I saw as I entered into a Rainbow of life. Bright colorful scene now fills the city. The children ran and got on the seesaws, slides and swings. They laughed and had so much joy. Even the parents came out while the children played. They looked at me and gave a nod and smile. No words were exchanged, just eyes of gratefulness. I could see Jesus being right there laughing with them. 



Of course there is so much more to do. Since there are no showers or toilets, people bath only one, or maybe two times a month. The air is nearly unbearable with dust, pollution and the smell of sewage and garbage. I believe for the impossible, because with God all things are possible. In March of 2020 I will go back there with a team to do a Crusade. My heart’s desire is to radically invaded Pakistan for Christ Jesus. In Pakistan there is no Christian television or radio, and you can't go just anywhere, as it is a Muslim nation. I have found great favor going there since 2005. Souls are desperate and need hope. They may live in million dollar homes, or in the projects, but the one thing for sure is that they need JESUS. 


Yes, we had our Pastors, Bishop and leadership training. Between sessions I spoke with many pastors that were so excited to hear the stories of how one seed can produce a forest. There were many testimonies, from last year’s training day, of healings, breakthrough for jobs, families, and their churches growing. Amazing how the Father can use us in the simplest ways.


Saturday was TV at the new studio. I was so blown away at Bishop’s studio, I said, “Son you dared to dream”. There is no Christian TV or radio that you can turn on, there is only Internet and Satellite.


Will you consider partnering with me to help fulfill the DESTINY of many lives all around the world. I travel full time to raise awareness of the plight of the world. Pakistan is one of many, and I need your help. Please pray and consider contributing or becoming a Partner with AGM. Just visit to view additional information on becoming involved, and forward this to your friends to help us to reach a people who cannot be forgotten.

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