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I can't believe how quickly this year is going by. The Father's always faithful to do exceedingly abundantly more than we could ever even think, because he's God. Our time this year at Folsom Street Fair was the best ever, I believe. I am so honored and blessed to introduce new Pastor Evelyn D from San Francisco, California. We met a year prior at Folsom Street Fair, and within one year this amazing woman and team has been out hitting the streets in the bars. Whether it's the transgender, homosexuals, or going for the homeless it doesn't matter. So, for one year she had proved herself so faithful to God that I knew for the first time, honestly in six years, that I'm able now to start to build even greater for San Francisco, California, where there's been the filthiest dark of dark, when it comes to sex, going on for close to 40 years. I always believe that Sodom and Gomorrah has nothing on this, because the times are so much darker now than they were even back in that time, and yet back then was bad, you know. We officially now have a home base with a Deliverance Healing Center, and I was really honored and privileged to be able to ordain her with her husband and team there, as it was it was just so beautiful.

The streets, as always, were amazing but this year it was so different because I was there located right smack-dab where the Folsom Street Fair is at, so talk about it, the view from the Eagle's Nest is incredible. I was able to minister to so many people, I mean that 50 was probably nothing, so I just kept going back and giving people words. I met so many beautiful people there since there is a Sisterhood in San Francisco, and they're all queens...period. When I was asked why I was there, I said I was a Pastor out of Seattle, Washington, and they looked at me kind of odd and said, “You’re a pastor?” I go, “Yes, I am!” Because of all the sex and the Darkness that's in these places they were kind of shocked. You see, they believe that we hate them because of their lifestyle, that Jesus wants nothing to do with them, that God hates them, and Christians hate them. You see, all of my years now going there, the one theme that I get over and over again is that so many young people and older have been so shunned and pushed away by family, and friends, and society, that many have tried many numerous times to want to commit suicide. The rate for suicide all over the world is unprecedented. To be able to minister and love God’s Sons and Daughters is one of the most greatest gifts He's ever allowed me to be a part of all these years later. It is a Ministry that He never ceases to amaze me in, as His love is being poured out, like liquid love from heaven touching Earth, and touching men and women everywhere.

As I continue to grow, and go, and to build, I am launching and training more and more Nations and Churches how to evangelize, how to do gay pride parades, how to go into bars, and it's just incredible.

This young man and I talked about his life, and I asked him the question if he had felt, because he's transitioning to another gender, if he had ever felt suicidal or of heavy spirit, and if there were thoughts of that. He told me yes. The statistics for the LGBTQ community but between the ages of 10 and 24 years old is that they are five times more likely to commit suicide than just a heterosexual boy or girl. The greatest thing, again, that I saw this year was being able to minister and just love on people, let them know they have value, that they are loved, in that God loves them and has a plan for their lives. They always ask me why I'm there, you know, being 60 and everything, and I say, “You know, I'm a Pastor, love Jesus and he loves you too”.  I've seen more tears and just Hearts being healed because many of their parents have left them, and they have no family in their churches. It's really bad right now and, in my own opinion, the only way that we are going to reach them in their identity crisis is to get out there and minister the love of Jesus! I have not one time ever had anyone ask me if I believe they're going to go to hell because they're homosexual or transgender. Everyone I've ever spoken to, and I'm talking hundreds of people, have said that they just see a love in my eyes and know I'm not there to judge anyone, but I am there to bring in the love, and that's what's going to turn people toward Jesus.

Sadly, because of what I do for the King of Kings, some acts of love which are misunderstood or unaccepted, we have lost partners, Facebook, email and Instagram support by the thousands, and it's a little hard to understand sometimes. I think, Father, if my Son or Daughter was in such darkness and so lost wouldn't you send someone to go get them? I look through the eyes of a Mother every time and everywhere I go with a compassion and passion that I know only comes from Christ.

Depression and suicidal tendencies have become rampant among many, especially youth, these days. Please view the video for interesting interviews regarding this event and the lives involved in them.

I am a Bible toting, Holy Spirit fired and filled to overflow with the all the Father has given me. I will continue to go all over the world and train God’s people on reaching the lost.

Can you help us as we continue to go and grow? Any assistance you can provide will help us to assist those who are great need in many areas. A one-time donation or partnership is available for any amount, and all proceeds are committed to the purpose(s) of which they are designated, or in the greatest need.

God Bless You!!

Til the end,





Sept 25th, 2016

I just came out of San Francisco from the Folsom Street Fair. It was my third year being there, as I have been going there with small teams into this fair to spread the love of Jesus. It is not a Fair like you may think. It is a weekend of Lust, Perversion and S&M filth beyond any normal thinking, with the LGBTQ (Lesbians Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer) wearing more leather than is seen in one place. People come there from all over the world to meet others like themselves, with fetishes that are openly exposed. Only a remnant of people there were fully clothed, but most came out with crazy, but very creative, costumes and makeup, some looking like they just came off of the Broadway stage. Once you enter through 1 of the 10 gates, you are transported into a whole other world; you are in the belly of the Beast / Satan’s lair.


It was reported: “Bigger is better at this ‘only in San Francisco’ event! With over 500,000 fetish enthusiasts spread out over 13 city blocks, there is something for everyone. Located on historic Folsom Street, leather and fetish players from all over the world converge, with over 200 exhibitor booths.


The past two years we had tents on the street, with many leaders and pastors that came from the surrounding cities to minster from within the tents. Many salvations and healing life was given to hundreds and hundreds in need. But, year three was totally different than what you may want to see happen or what you pray to expect. Well, I think, as the Word says, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways my ways”. I was in the midst of this with a small remnant of people, and we went into the city. It was dark and we were undetected!! However, one thing is for sure, the ones that I met have left a lasting imprint in my heart. I felt as a parent, that I was standing in the gap for the souls of the lost and mislead. Only the true light and tangible love of Jesus will bring the prodigals home.


As I look back in hindsight, I see the vision is very clear, the writing is on the Wall, and Losing is not an option. A few things stand out. Late Saturday afternoon, before the weekend began, I went out for lunch with my friends. The place was so picturestic, with a waterfront setting, so peaceful and quiet. As I walked into the building I immediately saw a young transgendered man having lunch. I approach him and introduced myself as Pastor Angela from Seattle, and he was Dee. Honestly, it was only a few minutes that went by, when he grabbed me, hugged me, and said, “I love you”. It was like he was saying thank you for loving me. You see, as the time went on, he had eventually told us the story of how he had been sexually assaulted at eight years old, and that opened up the door to many problems. It causes an unquenchable lust that cannot be satisfied. Listen, Satan’s foot soldiers, or predators, have caused death to many by releasing rejection, as the bullets shot from the guns that are still being used by the enemy. It is as in the killing fields, for they are right in our own back yards. So much to say, but I leave that for another time. Please continue to keep me an our AGM team in prayer. I have so much ahead for 2017 and honestly Larry and I both feel were just getting started.


 My anthem song was the one from the old cartoon when I was growing up, ‘Might Mouse’:

"Here I come to save the day!" That means that the Holy Spirit is on the way.  


Thank you, Father, for sending redemption and salvation through your son Jesus Christ.

Can those dry bones live? YES, they can!



Till the End,





A brief re-cap of Folsom, how we felt and what we saw as a team

Monica Rudy


As part of a collaborative effort, Angela Greenig and her Team spent the weekend of September 24-25

in San Francisco for the Folsom Street Fair.  The Folsom Street Fair began in 1984 and covers 13 city blocks.  It is San Francisco's "Leather Pride Week" as well as the world's biggest leather event which draws more than 500,000 people each year.  Angela has brought a team into Folsom the last few years to love, encourage and reach those that are bound and in darkness with the good news of Jesus Christ.  Many lives were impacted.


Those that attend Folsom are hurting and broken. They need to know they are loved; that God loves them

and they have value; that they were created on purpose for a specific purpose.  You can feel God's love for

them.  Sharing an encouraging word, complimenting them, hugging them, loving them; whatever the Lord

wanted to do and say, it was such an honor to be used by God in such a powerful way.  You love them all.  

Many lives were touched.  Angela rocked it in everything she did.  She challenges us all to step up and step out! Just do it!!  


Besides Folsom, Angela sent a team into the streets of San Francisco to pray and prophecy over this great city. We had an opportunity to minister in a women's shelter.  This shelter had no beds.  The women had to sleep sitting up in chairs.  This shelter was one of the darkest many of us had experienced before on the team.  One lady received some deliverance.  Many received prayer, hugs and an encouraging word.  We listened as they would share their story. The faces left an impression in our hearts and minds forever.  


In addition, the team also had the privilege of distributing water to many homeless that were living in tents in an alley.  They were so thankful for the water.  It was heartbreaking to see how much need is in our own country. We were all blessed by Angela and the AGM Folsom Team.  Many new friendships were made.  We will all remember this ministry outreach. It was hard work, challenging at times but great fun and so rewarding.  Seeing how much need we have in our own country was a wake up call to many of us on the team. So often ministry teams travel outside the USA to minister in other countries and nations.  It was an honor and a privilege for all of us to see and be part of what God is doing through AGM making a difference in the lives of those living right here in our own country.    



Monica Rudy

AGM Prayer Director







I had the most amazing team there with my International friends .


I rented the Home of Peace in Oakland, CA for 3 days to pray, train, strategize, and then GO!! Folsom Street this year was unbelievable. I’m not sure how many Salvations occurred, as reports are still coming in. With 5 tents, San Francisco House Of Prayer Mike D. and his team, along with others, came and ministered, prophesied and we saw many healed. We all had an amazing time. It says a lot when you see people going to the tent and waiting for even an hour or longer to get in to get a word. It was life altering to see many go in with no clothes on and come out crying from the words they were given. Believe me, they were clothed in Christ when they came out from the Amazing Grace of the God we serve.


The S&M was double from last year. It’s so interesting to see the power struggle, of people being tied and whipped, with many on chains in the streets. I’m so grateful for what God does, and there are no words to describe what it is to come out from such a  deep dark place. Such hopelessness of those wanting acceptance so badly that they fall into this. Identity crisis is everywhere. So many  mid-20-somethings lost, looking for acceptance and love. I believe, like myself when I was there in that lifestyle, that they too are looking for that father or mother figure. God’s love oozed all over the streets like a thick oil. Joshua 1 decrees that everywhere the sole of your foot steps into belongs to the Kingdom of God.


The hardest part was the day before. I began to weep as I saw thousands of lights, like a spectrum of colors with oil, that ran upwards. Mohters, fathers and loved ones crying for their children, friends and family. I saw Swift fly in, a special Angel. He came to the chapel with a scroll and comforted them, as I knew what we were embarking on was going to take the fire of Heaven and release it back on earth.


In 2016 I will Angela Greenig Ministries will be giving a Clarion Call for all who want to come and help bring in the harvest. You know that on 5776 is the year of the Ingathering of the Harvest.


Much work to still be done. Please pray and help us to reach this lost and hurting industry that many will not touch.


Till the end Angela

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