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Pastors Peter & Anna Fagerhov

ZOOM 7/1/2021

STOCKHOLM (Part 1 of 3) 7/26/2018

STOCKHOLM (Part 2 of 3) 7/26/2018

STOCKHOLM Part 3 of 3) 7/26/2018




"I want to mobilize my people".


March 2014 was a time of turmoil in Christianity in Sweden. We then sought the Lord for our assembly and for our country and received an appeal from God:  "I want to mobilize my people in the land. Do you want to be part of this work? " God put these words strong in our hearts and, based on this appeal," Mobilize Sweden "has emerged.


In many places in Sweden and Europe we see a powerless church. A church that bends to the world or is lost in a religious fog. At the same time  , we see that new initiatives are being taken, parliaments are being renewed, parishes are planted and a growing hunger for prayer grows. Our beliefs should not be based on dogmas, traditions, or politically correct opinions, but on the Word of God and the power of God.


We are convinced that God is  raising new prayer warriors, pioneers and faith helmets for the time ahead of us. A powerful wave, a mighty wind, has begun to blow in Sweden. A wind of love, power and life. Sweden will be saved!


Who are we?


Our name is Peter and Anna Fagerhov and are pastors in the church of Nordstad Kristna Center, Gnarp. We are burning to spread the message of Jesus in Sweden and we want God's love to be visible in a powerful way through God's people.

We believe in God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son of God and the Holy Ghost. We believe that the Bible is the Word of God and that we are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. We are also convinced that underneath and signs will follow all who believe in Him and that it should be part of everyday life for us Christians. We long to see a wake spread out in our country, n the time to get us up and take our place.


We want to see the Holy Spirit equip people with their power, fire and love. Therefore, we have started Mobilize  Sweden, we want to join and mobilize and equip the people of God to join in their vocation and grow in their gifts. All in order for people in Sweden to get hold of the love of God.



Mobilize Sweden

Mobilize Sweden is a response to an appeal from God that He wants to mobilize his people. It came during a time of turmoil in Christianity in Sweden. We then sought God specifically for our country and got this strong on our hearts. Since autumn 2014 Mobilize Sweden has been around  and it is a platform for conferences and events held in Sweden.

God mobilizes his pioneers, prayer warriors and faith helmets for the last great revival where  Jesus Christ will be exalted and receive all glory. God has put a longing and an eagerness in our hearts to be a part of this.

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