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Refreshing, Revival and Renewal Straight from the River of Life

Refreshing, Revival and Renewal

Straight from the River of Life

Robert Hotchkin

I recently had a series of encounters with the Lord where He took me to the River of Life flowing from His throne (Rev 22:1) and "baptized" me. Each time, as He held me under the water, It was so clear, vivid, and “effervescent.” The waters of LIFE filled, coursed through, and flowed all around me. As Jesus cradled me under the river, I could look up from below the crystal waters and see Him clearly. He appeared very much like He must have when He walked the earth – a dark-haired, bearded man in a long robe. He was also on the throne as the slain lamb whose blood was flowing into the river, feeding the pure crystal waters with abundance of LIFE (1 John 5:6, Leviticus 17:11 John 10:10). In the most recent encounter, as I looked up at Him from under the water, I saw His face above me again, but this time His whole head was glowing white like a sun (Rev 1:16, Matt 17:2) soaking me in pure light.

Since I have been back from my 2015 England Tour I have been wrestling with the after-effects of jet lag, severe fatigue and brain-fog. Each of these encounters with the Lord has worked to refresh, strengthen and empower me to where I am once again feeling like I did before going on tour.

Matthew 10:8 promises that we can freely give what we have freely received. So … in the mighty name of Jesus Christ I release to everyone reading this the LOVE, LIGHT and LIFE of the Lord to revive, refresh, renew, re-focus, heal, strengthen and empower you for all you are called to. I command every bit of weariness, fatigue, exhaustion, fear, doubt and discouragement to be washed away by the living waters of Holy Spirit. I speak to your bodies and souls. I speak to your bones, muscles, sinews and nerves. I speak to your organs and glands. I speak to your hearts, livers and lungs. I speak to your immune systems and brain functions. I speak to your hormone levels, body and brain chemistries. And I say be healed, be refreshed, be revived, be renewed, be strengthened. Receive the abundance of LIFE and LIGHT, in Jesus' name! Amen.

Robert Hotchkin

XP Ministries

Twitter: RobHotchXP

Facebook: “Robert Hotchkin” + “Robert Hotchkin II”

YouTube: Robert Hotchkin Channel Robert Hotchkin Channel

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