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God Is Releasing The Roar - Two Rods of Revival

The sound of a ROAR is being released from heaven throughout the land. Isaiah 66:6 (NIV) says, “Hear that uproar from the city, hear that noise from the temple! It is the sound of the LORD repaying his enemies all they deserve.” God is the Lion of Judah, and He is on the move and roaring at the gates in the nation of America. Strongholds that have seemed impossible to break are being broken. The earth is the Lord’s, and He has given us dominion over it – it is our birthright, and we must partner with Christ to take back what rightfully belongs to us (our rights) in this nation. For too long the enemy has pushed God’s people around. He has been taking over territories that do not belong to him, ones he thought (and still thinks) that he has won. But God says, “I'm looking for the Jabez, for the Esther in this season, who will rise up in this hour and be the voice that I have called and decreed for them to be, preparing the way of the King!”

Revival is now, says the Lord. In January 2022, God spoke so clearly to me, saying, “I'm releasing two rods that will shake the nation and the world – the first rod is Authority, and the second rod is Kingdom Alignment.” He is calling His people to hold their position, grab ahold of the rods and start to strike the ground, reverberating the ground to release revival in our nations! As His ambassadors on earth, it is time to be the voice of God. Will you take up the rods the Lord has given you, and release revival in your city?

The first rod of Authority has to do with Passover – specifically with being bound/held captive by governmental authority. In biblical times, Pharaohs were considered both the heads of state as well as the religious leaders of their people. During their reigns, they were considered gods on Earth. They often abused their authority, as well as their people. Pharaohs had many slaves, most notably the Israelites – aka God’s chosen people. The Israelites were held captive, enslaved up to 430 years under Egyptian power. Yes, you read that correctly -- GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE were enslaved for over 4 centuries! But even during this time, God never turned away from His people, or broke His promise to never leave nor forsake them – and Passover is the fulfillment of that promise, as it represents the redemption from slavery and the deliverance to freedom of God’s chosen people.

The second rod of Kingdom Alignment has to do with Pentecost. God sent His son Jesus to earth to bring freedom from slavery by bearing the sins of the world on His body, paying the ultimate sacrifice for all. By conquering death, hell, and the grave, Jesus took back all authority from the enemy, releasing ALL souls from slavery (not just the Israelites), granting access to eternal life with Him in heaven as His children. God then sent His Holy Spirit to earth, marking the beginning of the Christian church’s mission to the world.

Now that we understand what each of the two rods represents, God is urging us to boldly take hold of these two rods. I believe the convergence of these two rods as they strike the land will shake the government of this world, shifting authority back onto a Kingdom foundation where it belongs. For example, we must stand on the walls and contend against abortion in this nation. Over 70,000 unborn children are being murdered every year in America, and we are called to be a leading force who will not be reckoned with when it comes to upholding the promises and truth of the Word of God. We will not bow down, we will not follow man's law, only God’s. When God released Pentecost, He gave us His son Christ Jesus. Everything we need was already released the day when Pentecost hit the Earth and God released His Holy Spirit. He gave us access to the Holy Spirit as a Comforter, and as a promise that we now live under the banner of heaven and not earth. Through the love God demonstrated by sending Jesus and the Holy Spirit, it allowed freedom to God’s people from the slavery on earth (from the governmental rule of Pharaoh's time), as well as the slavery in their souls from sin and death.

I want to say this to you again, Church: You are amazing, you are beautiful, and you have fought the good fight! We have fought for years and years through prayer, intercession, fasting, and crying out to the Lord; and He is there, He is listening! Again, now is the time go and possess all that He promised you. I believe one of those promises to restore our land very much connects to abortion in America – Roe vs. Wade. We as God’s people have waited and prayed, fasted and stood for this time in our nation for decades. God’s favor is like waves crashing over us, and we are seeing miracles and answers to prayers during a time that seems nearly impossible to see a breakthrough of this magnitude. Take heart; this is just the beginning, says the Lord. He rules heaven AND Earth, and the protection of babies must not be overturned. We are the Bride of Christ, and must bring life (not death) to the innocent. We are called to be a Voice for those who have none.

There's a fierce fire that burns within all of our hearts, and the embers of that fire must be stirred to begin to burn like a furnace again. We must rise up and be the champions of our families, our cities, and nations, blazing like torches for God's glory as we continue to see the lands of our forefathers restored. They are our inheritance; they are our birthright. Darkness is eating away at the very fabric of the tapestry that the great nation America was founded on. We see before us nations, and America is teetering the scales of justice. Could it be that the collapse and erosion of our Democracy has been slowly falling away, a little here, a little there? Like leaven, sin is creeping in. Is it possible that we have become so desensitized to what has happened in the past years that the laws that were once placed here by God’s men and women to lay out a blueprint have been lost, forgotten, or dismissed?

It's not what we once knew. The enemy may look like he is winning, but he is not. Fear and uncertainty have gripped many, leading them into despair and hopelessness. Many of God's sons and daughters have been in such a great battle, and I know the battle of the mind is under a greater attack than ever before. I keep hearing the Father say, “Be careful and watch out for the Spirit of Leviathan. He has a strong hold on many of my sons and daughters.”

Psalm 74:13-14 (NIV) decrees: “It was you who split open the sea by your power; you broke the heads of the monster in the waters. It was you who crushed the heads of Leviathan and gave it as food to the creatures of the desert.” I want to highlight a few of these verses because they talk about the head for us – there is not one head, but multiple heads on this monster. I believe many of God's people are still under intense attack of the battlefields of their minds similar to the heads of the monsters described in Psalms 74. I believe the attacks are not just coming in one way or one direction, but from multiple sides simultaneously.

Warriors I want to say to you that you are not alone. These battles we have faced in this season are coming to an end. You have heard me say it before, but we truly are on a collision course with destiny. The surging of dominance and power is colliding the natural realm into the spiritual realm. To see great victory in battle, there must be a greater power in our unity with each other like never before. I believe us joining hand-in-hand will be the key that unlocks every door! It is so time to annihilate the darkness!

Can you hear it – the call to action from heaven to go forth in the authority and power He has promised you? I hear the sound, and the horse gate has opened. Warriors, rise up and answer the call God has placed within you, as we enter the battle like war horses (because honestly, that's what we are)!

Zechariah 10:3 (NIV) says, “My anger burns against the shepherds, and I will punish the leaders; for the LORD Almighty will care for his flock, the people of Judah, and make them like a proud horse in battle.” We must follow the Law of God’s Holy Bible. We must ask for boldness from the Lord to take a mighty stand for our children and say, NO to Abortion, and NO to children being allowed to choose their sexual orientation. For the Pastors and Ministers that claim to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but condone homosexuality on the premise that “God is love” – this is not God’s heart. This is not Kingdom, and you need to seek the heart of the Father and listen intently to His voice to guide you in all truth. God said to me in 2015, “Form the White House to the Church house, a powerful shaking will begin” – has it ever! We need to pray and contend for Godly men and women to rise up who will be unshakeable in their faith – who will boldly strike the rods of Authority and Kingdom Alignment within their cities – who will stand mightily as pillars in their communities, churches, government, and in the White House! Will it be you? Will you ask the Father for the boldness and wisdom to stand mightily?

I urge you to read Zechariah chapter 10, as I feel it is a powerful and timely work for right now, specifically verses 3-4: “For the Lord Almighty will care for his flock, the people of Judah, and make them like a proud horse in battle. From Judah will come the cornerstone, from him the tent peg, from him the battle bow, from him every ruler. Together they will be like warriors in battle trampling their enemy into the mud of the streets. They will fight because the Lord is with them, and they will put the enemy horsemen to shame.”

In Daniel 5, the spirit of God came to King Belshazzar (who was holding the Israelites captive in Babylon), and a mysterious hand appeared, writing on the wall of the king's palace. The king called upon Daniel, who interpreted it to mean that God intended the king and his kingdom to fall. At Belshazzar’s command, Daniel was clothed in purple, a gold chain was placed around his neck, and he was proclaimed the third highest ruler in the kingdom.

Take heart, mighty Warriors – the writing is on the wall, just as it was for King Belshazzar, and the enemy has been served notice from the Father that his destruction is imminent. Go forth boldly, and trust that when the Kingdom of Heaven is behind you, you shall not fail! Let’s reclaim our birthRIGHTS in the Mighty Name of Jesus!

Till the end,



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