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Sovereign Victory

Sovereign Victory!

Robert Hotchkin

God is sovereign. And in His sovereignty His great desire is to have a people who are in relationship with Him as stewards of His sovereignty in the earth.

People often ask, “Why doesn’t God just do it?”

We must realize in all things and at all times, that He has done it – at the Cross. And He can enforce that finished work, that total victory whenever, wherever and however He wants. But in that, I believe, His greatest desire is to have a people who are committed to Him, walking with Him, who choose to enforce His sovereignty in the earth. That is why He blesses us with opportunities to believe and to decree and to enforce the finished work of the Cross in our lives. We “exercise” our faith, doing “reps” and building “muscle” – this is how He teaches us to bend the bow of bronze” and “strengthens our hands to war” (Psalm 18:34)

Who is the King of Glory? He is the Lord ALL Mighty, He is the Lord INVINCIBLE in battle. Psalm 24 shows us to invite the undefeated and undefeatable one into the fray, to make way for Him in any battle. Sometimes I believe we think this means to simply pray something like, “King of Glory come in … to this situation,” and then we leave it with Him. But we must remember that the place we have invited Him into is us, and then as we step into the battle with Him and for Him, that is how we truly open the door for Him to move.

Again and again we pray.

Again and again we decree.

Again and again we worship and praise.

Again and again we hope and expect, in faith, for the victory He has given us and we will see. Knowing that the battle is His, but that we have the honor and privilege of bringing Him into the battle by taking our position. Choosing to make our souls and bodies the Aarons and Hurs to the Moses of our born-again spirits, lifting our arms of faith, hope and love, trusting in the finished work of the Cross, the empty tomb, and the utter and total victory of the new creation reality we inhabit and release in Christ.

Christ in us, the hope of glory (Colossians 1:27) – glorious victory, glorious transformation, glorious revival and reformation. Just like the Lord promised Joshua, He promises us – no enemy will stand before us because He is with us. But just like in Joshua 6, we must stand, we must follow the leading of the Lord, we must take our position, and we must enforce the victory we have been given even if we do not yet see it … knowing it will, and must, come forth!!

Robert Hotchkin

XP Ministries

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