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A Great Awakening


Interpretation of dream received....Ps Ross Smith

As a reference point for this, I saw the Pacific rim, the ring of fire as it’s known.

I was looking at all of the nations there but could see none of them clearly.

All appeared as dark clouds, blobs of darkness with no apparent light. All nations

Were like that......

But God!

Ok here we go...

A great AWAKENING is coming.

Not a revival, but a JESUS MOVEMENT as never seen before. Revivals always seem to centre around a man and are never maintained.

This AWAKENING will not be small, timid, weak, half-hearted or partial in any way shape or form.

This will be full on , with ‘all the bells and whistles’. Every dimension of Christ manifest through those who are His.

It will not be a Jesus movement centred around Jesus the man , bearded, wearing roman sandals and heading to the cross.

It will be a JESUS MOVEMENT centred around the ‘Revelation of Jesus’.

The revelation of Jesus in fire, majesty, power and glory. Lord of Lords, King of kings, the Amen, The Faithful and True Witness, The Beginning and End, The beginning of all creation. The one who has a double edged sword and eyes as flames of fire, The Son of God, The one who is Holy and True and has the key of David. The lion of the tribe of Judah. The First and The Last and the one who is Resurrection life. The Lamb that was slain and who is worthy to receive power and riches, wisdom and might, honour, glory and blessing. The one who is on the throne and to whom is dominion forever and ever and ever!!

  • This move will not be geographical, it is not about a place. No one place will be able to lay claim to what God is about to do, this will be of global proportions.

  • It will be Demographical, it is about an entire generation. This is for anyone on the Earth who has breath in their lungs, it is not just for the young or the mature or a particular people group.

  • It will not be about any man, save Jesus, and will not be led by any one man.

  • It will not be hijacked by any denomination, group, network, para-organisation or any other party.

  • It will come from unexpected quarters.

  • It will not be religious but counter religious.

  • It will not be cultural but counter-cultural. It will be totally Kingdom culture.

  • It will not be politically correct and it will not be marginalised.

This AWAKENING will have a voice!

It will bring new and fresh expressions of worship, music and song to the church, along with many creative giftings through the wisdom of God.

This AWAKENING will be to true love, the true love of God expressed into the nations through His people.

Not just a knowing that God loves but displaying the substance God IS love, and it is love with power, and that power is the power to conquer all.

Signs, wonders and miracles, casting out devils and destroying the works of darkness. Setting the captives free, healing all who are sick, raising the dead and making known the manifold wisdom of God will authenticate this as the work of God Almighty the only true and living God .

The seeds of this ‘Mighty Move’ were sown a generation ago during the Jesus Movement of the 60’s and 70’s....the move birthed out of San Francisco and carried across America and far beyond. This will be Americas 4th Awakening and, I believe, it’s last. The generation to reap the harvest are walking planet Earth NOW!

What do we do and How do we Prepare?

Gods people will be shaken , taken, sorted and empowered. The cry from the Father is that heard through the prophet Isaiah...AWAKEN!, AWAKEN!..clothe yourself in strength O Zion...clothe yourself in beautiful garments...shake yourself from the dust..RISE UP!..loose the chains around your neck...Isaiah 52

AWAKEN to righteousness...1 Cor 15:34

It is already the hour for you to AWAKEN...Rom 13:11

AWAKEN sleeper and Christ will shine on you...Eph 5:14

At the transfiguration Peter James and John were asleep! They were AWAKENED and when they were FULLY AWAKE They SAW His Glory!...Luke 9

When this AWAKENING moves into fullness the GLORY of God WLL BE SEEN!

As Moses saw..the glory of God will be seen..the full expression of Gods beauty, goodness, joyfulness, excellence and well being. His prosperity and fairness displaying the very best things. His righteousness acts, wisdom, loveliness, graciousness and favour.

God will adorn His people with His glory.

There IS coming a great AWAKENING...get ready!!!

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