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Pastor Zach Perkins

I hear the Lord saying that "now what is needed is more people to stand in the gap for America. From the White House to the House of Representatives and on down. The continued desecration of God's vessel of marriage by America has called forth His Divine judgment. The Word says God is not mocked but America does not fully accept that truth. America has decided to do what they want to do. America will suffer the consequences. The remnant will be saved and will prosper.

God must do what He has to do. And in the process of such, more people will be needed to pray and intercede on behalf of apostate America. The people's hearts will melt under Almighty God's judgment. They will look for other gods to serve immediately because this will only stymie America. Their heads are like flint, hard, stubborn. Intercession must increase to capture their tender hearts to finally worship the true and living God as a country.

A body of believers will rise out of this to function as God's true generals. There is a changing of the guards now taking place in America. Prepare your hearts for the shaking, chose quickly whom you will serve. I must come with My sword in My hand says the Lord, and use it."

Pastor Zach Perkins


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