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Prophetic Word

Willie Richmond

My remnant has heard the Clarion Call but now I need you to BE the Clarion call! In this hour I'm gathering those together slated for My greatness. I'm releasing greater wisdom, understanding, compassion and strategy into those who will believe and recieve! Dive DEEP into my river and breathe the impossible for oxygen! Let impossibility excite you, kick you out of complacency, encourage you, spur you, entice you, and turn you up.......EAT IMPOSSIBILITY FOR BREAKFAST!!! Let no man limit place a limit on you...for I have taken the limits OFF. I have poured an immeasurable among of gold into you and you have been faithful to mine it, you have held the anchor thru the storms and braced the warfare...I've already released the angelic armies around my remnant! I'm giving you new vision...insight and outsight the ability to see the whole situation..the big picture! Today I hand you a KEY, keep it close to your heart as a reminder, it's the key of humility it will unlock doors that others won't have access to and keep you out of the line of fire! Stay low, stay low, stay low!

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