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Awakening Talents


I was driving to church when the Lord invaded my car.He began to speak to me in a profound way...He was teaching me discernment once again.I was contemplating on the hours ahead when He spoke to me and said "Give this word to the church"."Theresa there is a difference between ministry and the talents".Yes, Lord."The talents I have given to the church need to be used. I'm calling them forth "says the Lord! "So long now many have been delayed from using the desire of their imaginations because of teachings that have hindered them.I am releasing that mindset even now and calling forth the talents of my church to give them Wealth.I have said in my ward YOU shall be the head and not the tail ( Duet 28: 13)The lender not the borrower (Deuteronomy 15:6)"Now I say to you o church arise and use what I have given you: media entertainment arts dance music creative arts Inventions Books songs and all the more... Even the silversmith will come back into the forefront The goldsmith, the carpenter, and the carver... Yes, I am releasing the artistic expressions to Overtake Polluted Airways and Visionaries.I am even giving nation's artistic expression. In Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Many of these expressions will catch the eyes of the Media and souls will come to salvation" says the Lord.

This is the use of my talents I have given to assist in the blessing of Ministry" says the Lord.

Australia, I have called you out to share in the prophetic blessing of Artistic glory An artist will come forth out of Australia who has my heart and the paintings will make one weep for the hunger of my Presence".sayd the Lord.

Canada, I can set a seal upon you with angelic help to CREATE a medical system for cancer research. This will bring a cure in colon cancer" says the Lord.

New Zealand, I have my eye on you! Be prepared for a media blitz concerning the workings of Miracles.

The artists of the local media will try to fake it BUT, our of you will come a group to prove them wrong says the Lord.

America, You have a dance inside of you.... a dance group will emerge strong and take the stage by storm ... Get ready in their feet they will have the sound of thunder...

Tonga, Yes TONGA, I have a gift for you! The Church in Tonga will sing a new song and will be recording an album that will touch hearts around the world watch me and see this happen.

Creativity is being released all over the world NOW as a celebration of My Presence in these dark times.RELEASING! TALENTS AWAKENING TALENTS NOW!

A songstress will emerge from Great Britain she had endured hardship yet, her voice is one like a trumpet calling many into a sphere of Glory ... She will carry a new sound.

You see I love your talents .. I gave them to you!"Use them or forfeit them says the Lord (Matthew 25:14-30)I am calling them back to you I am releasing old dreams and desires.

I am doing this for you shall be a witness to the world you are blessed in my Presence" says our Lord You are Blessed to be a blessing...



Talents: flair, aptitude, facility, gift, knack, technique, touch, bent, ability, expertise, capacity, faculty; strength, forte, genius, brilliance; dexterity, skill, artistry


Gifts of the Spirit - What Are They?

Gifts of the Spirit are special abilities provided by the Holy Spirit to Christians for the purpose of building up the body of Christ = Meaning The Anointed ones.


Ministry = the extension of the Presence of GOD doing what he is asking you to do in that given moment.

"Yes, my church you are alive and doing well Go forth and Dream Big and Use what I have given you. No talent is too small or insignificant.Do not measure your talent against another's for this will compromise what I have given you. I call you now Use your talents" says the Lord.

Dr. Theresa Phillips

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