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Watchmen, your transition is getting ready to change your position

This year I have personally had two assignments, sent by an Angel, that would trigger an avalanche, wipe out the enemy’s plans, and overtake the strongholds that would keep the Blessings from His people. The Lord spoke very clearly:

“First”, He said, “Daughter, this year is a year of first fruits. If you give me the first things first, your life will change. Do not just give a small window of time, but give me the entire year. My key here is that you will work and help build many ministries in America, and around the World, to go higher and to dream like never before.”

I thought, I can do that, as I love building the Kingdom and encouraging your people Lord.

“Second”, He said, “you are to man my Walls as a Watchman.” I immediately felt, Lord, it’s like in Nehemiah 6 where he couldn’t come down until he completed the task you called him to do. He continued, “Even though many things will try to sway you, stay positioned so that I can transform generations through you. If you stay true to the course, Daughter, and Watchmen I will give you keys that will open Gates around the world to the cities that the enemy has stood in and kept guard at. For many have had moves of my Holy Spirit, but they are Battling for the souls of man, and in the process are becoming discouraged and tired. Their cries reach my throne room. Many are in famine and drought! These keys will unlock the gates and release Revival in their cities and churches.”

I thought, oh Lord, I don’t want to fail or mess this up. You have given me a mandate to build and launch out into the deeper waters to help many bring in the greatest net of revival we have seen in our lifetime.

Today is 11/1. The number 111 means Power, and this movement will trigger Gods power through His Holy Spirit as it is moving. The Lord says, “There is a new chapter waiting to be written.”

I felt Lord, “What will I do, and how will I accomplish this work?” Mark 11:22: “Have Faith in God.” Faith is Spelled R. I. S. K. I’m looking for those who will risk everything to be on the frontlines of the greatest Revival

“A new chapter in your life is open and my Holy Spirit is upon you. You carry my Mantel of favor and I will give you the strength to rise up in the times of trouble. Take courage and you shall overcome these obstacles and trials that have held you back. On this new journey you will see the Power and Fire like Moses saw, for I have given you a Rod of authority.“ Psalms 16:11: “You will make known to me the path of Life.” “The word is near you and it’s in you, now take it and walk by Faith and go Preach my Gospel and save many from the darkness. I will give Angels charge over you to guard you and watch over you. They will hold you up and you will complete this race.” The time is now.

Till the end Angela

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