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The Realm of Kings

In this Easter Season, we begin to reflect The Realm of Kings.

Yes, REFLECT on that time when Our King of Glory was reduced to the state of a man so we may be redeemed…

O how it is a certainty that we are in the Battle of Kings today, just as it was then…

Whom do men say I am …(Mk 8:27)

Are you the king of The Jews (Mk 15:2)

I find no fault in Him(Luke 23:4)

Give us Barabas…(Jn 18:40)

Any of this Feel familiar? Can you Relate?

If you say yes then you are honestly walking as He did…

In this battle of the Kings, we notice that Pilot the ruler of the time… sorta resembles Herod the evil king And Saul who hated David.

Each leader recognized that Jesus was the ultimate King…

Even at His birth, the 3 Magi came and bowed to this King of Glory.

They brought the treasure of their land and presented them to Jesus…

Those treasure boxes are open now…Says the Lord!

Gold for Glory and currency of Heaven Acknowledging His Kingly Rights

Frankincense, for Perfuming the Sanctuary assuring The Priestly role He was to take on

Myrrh The resin to embalm, or to SUSTAIN…

Today we use these oils as we will.

Yet while we are in the Battle to be positioned for Reigning and Ruling they are applied for the Purpose of Contact of The Almighty Presence in which to assist others in gaining access to the territory God has assigned them …One must rule to activate this in others.

Jesus was THE ANOINTED that spiritually and physically carried these Kingly Gifts.

Now, we have access Eternally and Physically to these two realms assuring one’s destiny in these days…

The battle of Kings is a place of knowing how to conquer in order to subdue the oppressor of GODS people.

Jesus answered Pilot “You have said so,” Jesus replied. (Mk 15:2)

Question to the reader: are you willing to say yes to who you are?

Pilot said he found no fault….

Question to the reader. Are we fault-less?

Give us Barabas…

Question to the reader. Can we allow the un-godly be set free in our place without condemnation resentment or bitterness?

This is a season in which the ones called to lead the charge. To fortify the cities. To embark on missions that no one will ever recognize…will emerge under pressure and proclaim Make way Here He Comes The King of Kings…

These leaders will emerge with a fresh new Armor and will carry powerful insights of Revelation directly from the UPPER Throne established before time began.

These rulers will have endured hardship and rejection.

The will have taken the path from the palace to the hill.

They will bear their own cross upon their backs in the streets the marketplace the rural areas. and in the House of Fellowship.

O yes they will emerge says the Lord….

Mighty and strong… Beware not to fall into the trap of not seeing who they are and even YOU MAY BE THE ONE TO ASSIST THEM.

Even Jesus had help under the load as he walked to the Hill of Golgotha… falling beneath the load One came from the crowd to assist.

Yet when he came to the Hill he was alone… He alone could only bear our sins.

In the desert, he took all our temptations.

At his beating, he took our infirmities.

In front of Pilot, he was accused and abused. and finally recognized….

All thru the streets, he bore our shame and rejection and public humiliation.

AHH, yet it was on the top of the hill only HE could pardon our SIN.

On a trunk of old wood dry and perhaps used before. He said Father Forgive them….

As we prepare to enter Easter week let us put into remembrance the powerful example He placed before us.

To reign, we must reflect and walk after him BUT not bear His cross. We cannot do that…There we are free to receive…On His cross, we are pardoned.

O my! To Reign as a king here in the below the steps must be ordered…we conquer and we subdue and then… One says

Here am I Lord Send Me

In Grace

A willful reigning servant

Dr. Theresa Phillips

The Kings Ambassador

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The Kings Ambassador Dr Theresa Phillips

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