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The Present Moving of God Among Men

My assessment on the present moving of God among men:

I wonder if the present day apostles and prophets along, with the apostolic company we are forging, are aware of the sacrifices that are needed to be made to bring forth the fullness of what we have partially been seeing.

To many, this will be an offense due to the price many of us feel we have made.

To the true prophets and apostles that have been making these sacrifices it's time for the apostolic company to take their role in this as well, and not just line up to receive, but to give, and I don't mean money. That's for us to help bring forth, and not just cultivate impartations but activations. There must be a sending at some point or it's not apostolic.

For the immature prophets and apostles who have gotten caught in the net of networking instead of the real "working", it is time for us to grow into maturity so our immature company can see it in us and they can grow as well.

To all other so called apostles and prophets, your time is at an end. The arrival of awakening is upon us.

Pastor David Kelly

Freedom Center (Kentucky)

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