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On June 04, 2016, late in the evening as I was praying, the Lord gave me these words for the body of Christ: My church has become cold and indifferent, going to and fro, not managing the affairs of the Kingdom of God that I have entrusted to them. Repent and turn your hearts back toward me, and follow after my spirit. Seek me while I still may be found. For soon there is coming a day that I, the great I AM, will return for a Bride that is not lukewarm, nor cold, but HOT! My day is approaching sooner than you believe. You refuse to trust me; you refuse to trust me with your finances. Do you not know it is I, your Lord, that provides all you have, but you, in return, rob Me. You pray and I answer your prayers; that is my desire. You ask and I give, yet you take the very blessing I give you and use it for excuses, to not serve me. Why do you turn away? It is not I that has led you astray; it is you that has walked away. I provide for you a way of escape, yet instead you run to sin. You are my people and I am yo