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It's Time to Silence the Storms

A fresh wind is being released from heaven that will bring waves of divine power to the church. This is not something that will come upon us nearly so much as it will arise from the fullness of the Kingdom that is already within us. No longer will the church look at what is buffeting the world and simply murmur, "This is not okay." No longer will His people see the influence of the enemy on the world and think the answer is to isolate or pull away. Instead, from deep within, the Voice that spoke to each of us like a trumpet to call us out of darkness and into His Light will stir within us and remind us of the dominion power He has given us to not only be His watchmen and discern the times but also be His stewards and agents of impact in all of creation, speaking in His divine authority to command that which is not right to shift, bow and be undone.

Fresh Empowerment to Silence the Storms

You do not need to be a prophet in this hour to see that the enemy is releasing storms into our nations, economies, churches, schools, families and lives (all you need is a television, newspaper, or internet connection), but the Lord is empowering His people afresh to stand up and silence these storms. It is time for us to awake and arise. It is time for us to remember the divine power that dwells within us through the finished work of the Cross and the gift of the Holy Spirit. It is time for us to be His dominion stewards in the earth as He has always planned! The enemy sends storms to try to shake us, God allows the storms so the unshakable Kingdom can be revealed through His people. Church, I declare that this is the hour for us to awake, arise and speak to the storms. We will command them to be silenced, and they will obey (Mark 4:39-41)!

Something is Being Awakened and Activated!

I recently preached into this revelation at our weekly Shiloh Fellowship, and Holy Spirit had me repeatedly declare throughout the message (to all who were with us in person as well as everyone watching via our live weekly web feed) that this was not only a release of understanding and wisdom, but also a stirring and awakening of the divine power within every believer so that we can awake, arise, and speak to every storm of the enemy to see it silenced. I believe that the same thing is happening for you as you read this. Something is stirring. Something is being awakened. The dominion power that dwells within you is arising. Your divine authority as His empowered steward in the earth is being activated right now!

The Lord Will Help You to Step into this Power

In Mark 4:35-41 we see Jesus mentoring the disciples in this exact thing. Well, actually, what we see is Jesus giving the disciples an opportunity to step into storm-silencing dominion power and divine authority, but they do not quite get it at first. So then He responds to their call for help by mentoring and modeling how to silence a storm. There is way too much revelation from this passage of Scripture for me to fully unpack all of it in a short article, but the gist of what we see is that when a storm kicked up, the disciples forgot the word they had from the Lord that they were to go to "the other side" to take new territory (Mark 4:35), and instead of overcoming the resistance of the storm they allowed themselves to be overcome by it. Jesus knew the word He had given them was true and certain – no matter what (the word of the Lord always is!). He also knew that the disciples were able to handle any storm or resistance. That, I believe, is why He was asleep in the back of the boat despite the wind, the waves, and the water that was swamping them at the moment. But when the disciples did not step into the authority they had been given by Him as His deputized agents in the earth, our amazing Jesus did what He always does ­– comes to the rescue! Notice, however, that not only does He save them, but in the saving He also reminds them of the dominion steward power that is available to every "son" of God in the earth if we simply believe (Romans 8:29, Mark 9:23).

What Jesus shows them then, and each of us right now, is how to silence any storm that would attempt to interrupt, delay or interfere with a promise of God. The simple steps are this: Trust and rest in the word of the Lord (Mark 4:35,39). Know that He is always with you and empowering you, even in the midst of a severe storm He is right there with you (Mark 4:36). Do not take any storm lying down, but instead stand up to the storms sent against you, your promises, your family, your city, nation or world (Mark 4:39). Speak to the storm and command it to "be still" (Mark 4:39). Do this until you see the storm obey and bow, because it must (Mark 4:41, John 14:12).

It is Time to Silence the Storms!

Yes, there are storms in the earth – political, economical, medical, meteorological, and more. "Winds" are blowing, "waves" are buffeting, and at times it can even look and feel a bit scary if we forget who is with us and how He has empowered us. That is why God is releasing a greater wind! A fresh Acts-2:2 type of mighty gale that will stir up and remind His people of who we are in this hour. This fresh wind will release wave after wave of divine power from within His people to stand up and speak to the storms. silencing them and bearing great witness of our Jesus!

Prayer Directives

Do you want to be one of His "Storm Silencers" and see a company of similar empowered believers arise? Then let's pray and agree that:

God is releasing a fresh wind from heaven that will bring waves of divine power to the church.

The dominion authority that dwells within every believer will be stirred and awakened.

We will allow the Lord to mentor us all in walking in the Truth of Jesus, the Heart of the Father, and the Power of the Holy Spirit.

His people will be dominion stewards and agents of impact in the earth, affecting every city, nation, sphere of influence and atmosphere with the fullness of His Goodness and the certainty of His Truth.

A company of "Storm Silencers" shall arise who are willing to stand against the storms, speaking to them (as Jesus has shown us in Mark 4:35-41) until they bow and obey.

Rob Hotchkin

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