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In the next 21 days, we are entering into what I call a “game-changer” season (i.e. a person that radically changes an industry, or an event or procedure that effects a significant shift in the current manner of doing or thinking).

We are to focus and decree His Holy Word as we take back our lands. The demonic portals that have been opened must be shut and sealed. They are like lay lines that run beneath the ground, and the portals here are in the airwaves. We need to close these demonic strongholds.

For far too long, intolerance to sin has been defiling our land, and has left great devastation in its wake.

I feel the Father saying, “I will reverse this curse, and shut down demonic activity.” So this day, we partner with heaven and say, “Father, we decree justice in our land, and ask for the illegal bloodshed that’s has taken place, even the blood of the innocent, will cease in this nation. No longer do we turn away as the injustice of idol worship and the occult spreads like wild fire in our cities and nations.”

He says, “I will establish angelic portals and strongholds in the land and air, and in the gates of every city. My Angelic warriors will hold back the enemy’s assault teams from encroaching on your lands.”

It’s time to strike the ground and release the ancient wells of revival! We must stand and pray as one unit, one body. It’s time! As we take back the city, we will invade and reclaim what is rightfully our spiritual inheritance by the Lord. It’s time to raise up a war cry, and time for God’s church to arise, and to not keep silent.

While asking the Lord to give me more insight to what He was speaking to me, He said:

“My Glory will descend upon the city like a cloud in 21 days, just as I was with Daniel for the prince of Persia (who is 1 of the 4 Principalities), who had resisted the work, holding back the winds of fire and glory. The moment I sent Michael my Archangel (one of Heavens great princes), he dismantled the warrior-armies, and he cleared and removed the chaos in the air, so that my outpouring for justice was released in the land.”

This example of Daniel is a powerful reminder of God’s steadfastness and redemption we each have access to! God says His law WILL be established. The Lord decrees this: “Tell my sons and daughters that I will release justice in the lands, and wave after wave of my glory will invade the earth with heavenly rains.” We are to take back the capitals of every city in every state and in every nation. As we do, we will be known as a nation who stood on the Godly principles that every nation was created for God’s kingdom and His glory!

NO MORE BARRENNESS. Isaiah 54 says, “Shout for joy, O barren one, you who have borne no child;break forth into joyful shouting and cry aloud, you who have not travailed; for the sons of the desolate one will be more numerous than the sons of the married woman,” says the Lord.” The Lord is saying, “I have heard your cries and I am sending scrolls that are sealed by my signet ring. Stargazers of Heaven will set ablaze the Apostles and Prophets. Kingdom ALIGMENT IS NOW. Revelation and Glory are being poured out of the Shofar. The sound has begun. Awakening has begun, and my movement is now.”

After I heard the Lord say this, I immediately received a vision: I saw a field of orange wheat encased in black. As I looked out across the fields, I heard the sound the shofar blow, and the fields were ignited like an untamable wildfire. As the winds began to blow, even the black backdrop of the wheat caught fire.

We are the wheat, and we carry the fires of Heaven’s glory within each one of us. Take heart, as the Father is reminding us, “I hear you as you take over your cities. The gates that have held my people will fall, and I will release my revival fires to expose and remove the darkness (aka the black backdrop I saw in my vision): witches, mediums, the occult; all those who operate from the Anti-Christ spirit that oppose my Priestly and Prophetic offices. I will once again blow the shofar, and the winds of change will come and release the sounds of Revival across the lands.”

I feel this word is very timely right now, as many people have felt confused by a cloud of fear due to recent hurricanes, flooding the forest fires across the nation of America.

Atmospheric changes have begun - since the day of the Eclipse on August 21st, 2017, and with threats of the unknown, as missiles were launched in North Korea on August 29th, 2017. The earth pangs for justice, and the body of Christ to become one. Let us remember to pray for one another, and prefer one another. All things are possible with Him.

Father, may the gift of faith pour out of us like rivers of living waters, dispelling the fears and dread, and bringing a renewal of hope and healing to our land and lives.

Till the end Angela

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