"A Seer's Vision of Satan's Trophy Room – You Will Get Back What Was Stolen"

The Father Showed Me Three Incredible Things: Promises Fulfilled, Tears of Joy and Joy Restored.

A Vision of the Promises

The first vision was a huge, crystal dome. It was called hope. Inside the dome was a huge, incredible array of crystal, glittering lights—like fairy-lights. The dome was filled with a wondrous, almost fairytale, glow. It was filled with WONDER. Oh beloved reading this, it was the most beautiful dome I had ever seen. There was peace, joy, wonder and new life bursting inside that dome.

I said, "Father what are the fairy-lights?" He said, "Each glowing light is a PROMISE to My precious sons and daughters that have been delayed or hijacked by the enemy. These are My promises of My goodness, My kindness, and My OVERWHELMING faithfulness in the land of the living."

"Daddy, but why are they here?" I said.

"Because, My beloved child, in these past few years one of the major strategies of the enemy has been to contend so violently for My children's hope. To try to literally hijack and delay the fulfillment of My promises on earth; many of My children have become heartsick with so many of their dreams and hopes being deferred."

I said, "Oh Father, how do we get it back?"

"First, let Me show you something..." said the Father.

A Vision of Tears of Joy

I looked and saw an enormous glass vat. It reached to the ceiling and was filled with rainbows and a see-through liquid, like water. The Father spoke again: "This vat is filled with My children's tears. They are tears of joy."

"Oh Daddy!" I gasped, "They are the tears of joy that have been stolen and delayed because the promises have been so delayed in this past season."

The Father was so anguished and said, "The enemy saw that much ground was being taken, so in this past season his strategy became more violent against My champions. He knew that those who have loved and served Me so faithfully would never, never give up. So he strategically contended for every promise; to circumvent, delay and hijack My promises of goodness in the land of the living.

"Many, many—SO MANY—of My children were used to miracles manifesting in their lives. Yet, these same champions in the past few years have been crying out to Me saying, 'Father! I have stood. I have been faithful, but what used to so easily manifest—the miracles that would come overnight—there is just barrenness and continual contending and fighting in the spirit for what never seems to manifest.'"

The Father said, "Beloved. Beloved of My heart, this was a targeted strategy of the enemy. He could not keep the answers from you forever, but in this past season, in the spirit realm, the powers and principalities have been contending violently for every promise. For they knew that this would wear down My saints."

A Vision of Joy Restored

It was once again full of wonder, but each time I was drawn to it, a huge eruption of SHEER JOY would come from my heart: "Oh Father! He has stolen our joy!"

"That, My child, is the joy of My promises fulfilled on earth; My promises and My miracles; My kindness and My goodness in the land of the living. For the ultimate strategy of the enemy was to erode My children's strength."

"Because Your joy is our strength." I murmured. I sighed, "But Daddy, we're meant to have that anyhow just by being with You." Oh the Father is so wonderful. I could sense Him laughing at me. We had had certain conversations earlier in the day.

"Yes, My beloved Princess. That, you know is true." Oh, He was still laughing: "But as your Father—your Daddy—the Lover of your souls, I understand that you live on the earth and so many times you see through a glass darkly and hold on to Me by faith. So it is My utmost JOY to answer your cries for My promises and My miracles. Oh what joy it gives Me when I see your tears of joy and your wonder.

"For I Am goodness; I Am kindness; I Am compassion and I yearn to see My children thriving and joyous. I love to give My children good things. I watch them, even as you watched your own children open their presents and took SUCH JOY IN THEIR JOY. I am your Father and I take such joy in your joy."