"The Miracle Season is Here…REALLY!"

"Pray for Miracles This Season"

For weeks, I've been prompted to pray for a miracle this holiday season. I fought against it, due to the fact that the miracle is Christ and most often when I hear a word about miracles I usually go, "Oh well. Perhaps one day..." I am a Believer in miracles, YES I AM; but I'm not a fan of someone getting a great testimony then saying, "Here is the next move of GOD for everyone," with many walking away disappointed. As a result, many keep searching in hopes that a miracle will appear for them too. I'm not alone in feeling this way. I'm sure many do as well...yet I kept hearing, "Pray for miracles this season."

I said, "Okay GOD. I'm going to pray for a miracle this holiday season." Then...it happened.

Losing Something Precious

I was in service one evening, wearing a very expensive watch. It was a gift from someone dear to me who made a sacrifice to give me this gift. I treasure it greatly. The next day, I realized it was gone; no longer on my wrist. "Surely I must have placed it in my briefcase," I thought to myself. I looked. It wasn't there. I went to church, searched with others hoping to find it; NOT THERE!

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I was so angry with myself. Where could I have lost it? I checked under the bed, in the furniture, the car again, my husband's truck; everywhere I could think of. I checked parking lots and the garage knowing full well I had not been in there. I was so concerned for the lady who gave it to me...such a sacrifice. "OH GOD PLEASE, help me find it!" I prayed. I had to find it!

I was becoming the woman in Luke 15:8, "Or suppose a woman has ten silver coins and loses one. Doesn't she light a lamp, sweep the house and search carefully until she finds it?" In my case it was a watch.

Then Miracles Start to Happen...

On Sunday morning, getting ready for church, I heard my little dog scratching under the bed. I said to my husband Robert, "Please see what she's doing, it doesn't sound good."

He said, "Well, maybe she found the watch!"

I looked up to Heaven and said, "In the name of Jesus that would be nice, Lord."

"Well...?" I asked.

"Nope, no watch," he said. "Sigh..."

I went to sit in my chair that I sit in every day to put on my make-up. When I did, I was stunned...totally stunned! The watch was sitting on its end (not lying flat, mind you) on the seat of the chair! I gasped. "Robert, come here! Look! It's the watch!" I exclaimed.

I grabbed it and it was so cold to the touch. The nylon band was freezing and of course, the watch was dead. It's a miracle! I yelled, "Hallelujah! Praise the LORD! For an angel has found this watch and brought it to me!"

It could not have been there all along; it was cold to the touch as if it had been left outside. I knew it was a miracle and as usual, I wondered who would believe it...I SURE DID. I knew what happened. Robert knew what had happened. I was so blessed and thankful! I was not going to keep still over this one!