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Passover into Pentecost

Holy Spirit is coming in Explosive Power on us all!

As we approach the celebration of Israel’s 70th year of Independence on May 14th, 2018, I sit back and reflect on how God the Father has strategically positioned President Trump to become the President of the United States of America, and how I feel this connects to Israel. It is not happenstance or chance that God had His hand on President Trump, or that he would win the Presidential election. His name itself even confirms his birthright. The name DONALD means, “great chief” or “world mighty” in the Scottish language, and TRUMP in Old French means, “trumpeter”, or “to blow the trumpet”.

Whenever a massive move of God takes place, there is always a prophetic forerunner that prepares the way for the King. I believe that President Trump has been called to be a voice of influence to the nations, and will be used as a catalyst to help release Jerusalem into her rightful seat of authority—into the priestly, Kingly anointing that rests upon Israel.

Many people thought this movement would occur during the prior four U.S. Presidencies of George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, or Barak Obama, but I believe several significant events had to align before the timing was right for this mighty move for Israel. I believe it was ordained to occur during the 70th year of Israel as a state. The number 70 is the joining of the number 7 (meaning completion) and the number 10 (God’s law), which I believe represents Israel’s restoration.

We know that Adam was the first man, and once sin entered the garden, it brought separation between God and man, breaking the covenant between them. God desired restoration of His relationship with man, and put a redemption plan into action, beginning with Abraham. The Lord promised that through Abraham, the blessings of the Father would be restored. From the time of Adam to Abraham, there were 1,948 years. In the year of 1948, Israel became accepted and recognized by the world as its own state. As we celebrate the 70th year of independence for Israel as a state, we are really celebrating the birth date of a great nation.

This end-time reformation revival fire harvest will bring the greatest outpouring that we have ever seen. I didn't understand it fully until I started to receive some of this revelation about the timelines and significance between Adam and Abraham, as well as Israel and America.

I believe there is a divine timeline unfolding in this season that connects both Israel’s independence and Donald Trump’s Presidency. I believe that President Trump is called to be a mouthpiece of the Lord - a trumpet/shofar that blows and prepares the way. Right now there is a time of preparation occurring, and the revival outpouring that is coming has to do with Pentecost. From Passover 2018 to Pentecost 2018, I heard the Father saying, “You’d better get ready to expect an explosion of my Holy Spirit that will radically shift nations into their position, and bring restoration to families.”

The Lord could have chosen any nation in the world to be part of the movement, but I believe He has called the U.S. to help bring restoration to what rightfully belongs to Israel alone. Even in our great nation of America, we are seeing many things restored as Christians – our rights are being heard, and many changes are happening in the White House. God’s name and biblical values are being honored, and high and lifted up.

I feel strongly that there is a pivotal 180 degree turnaround coming in these next few weeks. The Lord has His hand on Israel, on America, and on every nation. God is calling and bringing forth a reformation that will release a revolution, and you are going to see the greatest outpouring of miracles, signs, and wonders. This invasion of Holiness and the Holy Spirit is leading the way, and nothing is impossible to those who pray and believe. The Father says you will receive what you’ve been tarrying and crying out for because this mission IS possible.

These next few years are going to bring forth the greatest Revival the world has seen; so great we can't begin to describe the fullness of it, because I believe God’s people have never encountered any revival like it ever before. I believe that we’re stepping into a time and place that is going to be so amazing, and it's going to fling open every door that’s been shut. I personally know this is happening, because it's happening in my personal life as well, and I've been waiting for such a time as this for the building of the kingdom.

As you think about Pentecost this year, I hope it draws you to meditate on the outpouring God has specifically for your life. He has extravagant plans for each of our lives, and it's time that we step in and take ownership of our destiny, and hear the mandate God is speaking to each one of us. We each have our part to play; every person, every race, every creed, and every nation are so vital to fulfill the prophecy of Christ.

With May 14th and Israel’s 70th year of independence just a few short days away, please partner in prayer with me for Israel. God's hand is heavy on the nation of Israel, especially Jerusalem, and it is so important that we pray and cover Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin now more than ever before. Continue to remain steadfast in your prayers for Israel and the work that the Lord wants to release in the land and its people. We are in some of the most incredible and exciting times in history!

Til the end,


Angela Greenig Ministries

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